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  • 【360 Photo Booth with Ring Light】Revolve selfie ring light has 3 colors lighting mode and 360° Spin help You-tubers/Tik-Tok Streamers/Selfie Lovers/artists/Social Platforms create incredible images, videos and live streaming videos. Each lighting mode have 10 adjustable brightness to choose.Need a power-bank (not included) to power the ring light.
  • 【360 Photo Booth Machine for Parties】4 Selfie holders support multiple devices such as iPad, camera, smart phone…people stand on the 360 spin photo booth machine carnival,the 360 camera booth can record your wonderful moments in all directions.Very suitable for family gatherings, weddings, parties, Halloween,Christmas ,exhibitions,large-scale events,etc. (make your personal DIY video).You can share to your friends or social platforms.
  • 【Remote Control Automatic 360 Spin Photo Booth】Through the button, you can wirelessly control the speed of the 360 camera booth machine rotation, spin clockwise or counterclockwise.The length and angle of the selfie stick can be adjusted as your needed. The selfie 360 rotating photo booth are also equipped with multicolor led strip light , sticker and other props to increase the sense of atmosphere.
  • 【360 Photo Booth Machine】The diameter 31.5″ load-bearing is about 440lb for 1-2 people to stand on,the diameter 39.4″ is about 660lb for 2-4 people.and the diameter 45.3″ is about 880lb for 3-5 people.You can choose the flight case comes with 4 rollers(Install it yourself) or choose the honeycomb box comes with a roller cart inside which is convenient for push-pull.Balanced and stable during working, no extra noise and can be used for a long time.
  • 【Professional After-Sales Team】Our products are shipped with air express method with insurance covered.If the product is missing parts or has any other problems, please contact us in time,we will make a solution for you within 12 hours.Our product page has installation and usage videos.The product packaging will also come with installation instructions.

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   Factory Price for you
2-3 People           80cm(31.5inch) carton box: 1???USD
2-3 People           80cm(31.5inch) flight case: 1???
3-4 People           100cm(39.4inch) carton box: 1???USD
3-4 People           100cm(39.4inch) flight case: 2???USD
4-6 People           115cm(45.3inch) carton box: 2???USD
4-6 People           115cm(45.3inch) flight case: 2???USD    

Payment terms:
Full payment before shipping, support paypal or TT bank transfer to company account

Warranty: 1 year warranty
Support free return for quality problem reason, and accept no reason return within 7 days (customer bear the no reason return shipping cost)

How to make money from 360 photo booth?

If you know how to record a video on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat then our 360 photo booth software will be super easy for you to figure out .

Make your money back in just 2 to 3 events! The average rental for the 360 photo booths is around $500 per hour in USA ! In other countries ,at least you can earn $100 to $300 per hour in events. 🤑

🤔 Let’s do the math:

One 3 hour rental = $500 x 3 hours = $1500

Do this tree times  in one month:  3x $1500 = $4500

Your investment will be FULLY PAID OFF! Plus extra on the side for some Starbucks. 😋

So what do we suggest you do? When you start to get double and triple booked, buy more platforms to scale your business.