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How much weight does it hold?

Answer:he dimensions and total weight of the specific package are as follows:
68cm:Size:29.9230.3111.41 in Weight: 99.20 lb
80cm:Size:34.6434.6411.41 in Weight: 110.23 lb
100cm:Size:42.5142.9111.41 in Weight: 132.27 lb
115cm:Size:48.4248.4211.81 in Weight: 194 lb
68cm+case:Size:30.7033.0712.99 in Weight: 119.04 lb
80cm+case:Size:34.6436.6111.81 in Weight: 132.27 lb
100cm+case:Size:42.1242.5112.59 in Weight: 176.36 lb
115cm+case:Size:49.2149.6012.59 in Weight: 191.8 lb
Glass:100cm+case:Size:44.0943.3012.99 in Weight: 220.46 lb

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